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PHAA Graduate Ruthie Snoke publishes first novel!
Ruthie Snoke, 10/7/2013

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: I was delighted to receive the following email from PHAA graduate Ruthie Snoke, sharing about her new novel that's just been published. My own girls knew the Snoke family well through their time together on a homeschool volleyball team, and it's just always great to hear about the unique endeavors of homeschool alumni! I'm always amazed at the initiative homeschoolers are taking in forging ahead in their lives, truly working to use their gifts to help others and spread the learning that was so valuable to them growing up. Ruthie also has an excellent website, where she shares not only about her new book, but about her acting classes, poetry writing, and more. She is a graduate from Wheaton College (2011), with a major in English and a minor in theater, and has just started a graduate program in NYC.
I'm writing because I just completed self-publishing my first novel, and my mom suggested I contact you and let the wider homeschool network know! I think this is a book that will be meaningful to other homeschoolers, and perhaps provide some inspiration to aspiring homeschool writers (that it's possible to get your work out there!)
The book is a novel told in first person, and it's from the perspective of a girl named Ede, who lives in a medieval-type world. I created the world myself, but based it heavily on a blend of different cultures from our own world, so it's a unique blend of fantasy that feels like historical fiction, somewhat in the style of Ursula LeGuin. The book deals with themes of growing up, hurt, forgiveness and change, and I would recommend it for high schoolers. It has themes such as adultery in it, and though it is in no way explicit, there are some parts that parents may want to make sure their student is ready for.
Here is the synopsis:

"Trapped in the restricted city of Bell, Ede lives in a world of stories. But when her husband begins talking about rebellion against the occupying "Strangers," Ede is forced to make an impossible decision that will take her away from her family and her traditions, and thrust her into an unfamiliar and hostile culture. With nothing to rely on but her tapestry of stories, Ede is unsure she will find a way to heal. With her gentle voice and quiet tales, Ede narrates a story of pain, forgiveness and growth. As she explores the path of cultural and personal identity, Ede must come face to face with what it means to change, and to live a strong story of her own."

Here is the link for purchase at Amazon.com. If this is something you think other homeschooling families (or anyone at all!) would be interested in, please feel free to share liberally. 
And now here is a selection from Ruthie's website: 
A pretty good variety. I've been taking acting classes since I was 10 years old. In high school, I trained at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera Academy (CLO) and participated in Pittsburgh Public Theater's Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest, as well as being a member of a small high school theater company called SERVE.

As a theater minor in college, I was taught theater history, scenography, directing, and of course acting I, II and acting Shakespeare. In addition to coursework, I performed in three shows, directed two, stage managed for one, and served as the president of the campus student-run theater company, Jukebox Theater. After auditioning for and being admitted to the official theater program's group of 35 core students, I performed on the main stage, worked in the set and costume shops for another six shows and helped in house management and box office.

Since graduating college I have worked in the administrative side of theater education, serving as the Education Intern at Pittsburgh Public Theater, where I organized and ran the same Shakespeare contest I participated in as a high school student. My jobs have been various and interesting, ranging from writing, to coaching students, to researching programs and marketing our own events.


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