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"Boxadoo" -- a new homeschool digital portfolio tool! BETA testers needed ;-)
Joanna Herndon, 8/20/2013

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: This sounds like a very interesting new product that many in Pennsylvania might especially want to explore. A small but growing number of homeschooling families in PA are now creating digital portfolios on their computers, rather than physical notebooks-- and I'm sure this trend will grow. In thinking about this option, I'm reminded, too, of the young friends of mine now in college who have been compiling *digital portfolios* of their work in education studies, demonstrating all they've been learning and doing and creating over their 4 years of study. This homeschooling family who has developed 'Boxadoo' is specifically looking for families ready to help them *test* their product-- can't think of a better group than homeschoolers in Pennsylvania to help with this project! Could give your family a whole new motivation for working on portfolios *early* this year! Let me know if you opt to take part-- and how you find this particular option, designed with homeschooling families in mind. And if you help out in this testing stage, you'll earn a 20% discount on the very reasonable annual fee of $49 for a whole family. Take a look!

Hi, my name is Joanna Herndon, homeschool mom of 4 from Wesley Chapel, Florida. My husband, Jason and I have created a homeschool management tool called Boxadoo that we would like to share with the homeschool community. Boxadoo is an online tool that allows you to create a portfolio, record grades, upload photos, videos and manage events. We are currently working on sign-ups for our BETA that will take place in the next few weeks. We are excited to sign up homeschool families and allow them to check out the features and hear feedback during this initial BETA testing. If this is something your homeschool community might be interested in or benefit from, please pass this information along!You can find us at www.boxadoo.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/boxadoo. On our website, we will be collected email address for those interested in participating in our BETA. Please feel free to check out the site and email me if you have any questions!

Boxadoo right now features the following, and parents will be able to suggest further options as they use the program: 

  • Student Profiles - Add, edit and manage the profiles of your students. Manage your entire family, no matter the size for one low annual price.
  • Portfolios - This collection of files, work, images, videos, tests, updates, book lists, resources and more serves as the record of your students year.
  • QuickFolio - Time for review? No problem! Simply select which items appear in the QuickFolio and we create annual portfolio for you.
  • Events - Add in your events like co-op or group learning and then add them to your student's portfolio in seconds.
  • Sharing - We're building a community so that you can share and learn from other homeschool families just like you. Saving you time and money!

Thanks so much,
Joanna Herndon and Boxadoo Team


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