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Still time to sign up for the July 13, 2012 PHAA High School at Home Conference! Located in Carlisle PA, right off PA Turnpike!
Susan Richman, 7/10/2012

You can still register for PHAA's (Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency) 17th Annual High School at Home Conference on Friday, July 13, 2012, from 9AM to 5PM at the Hotel Carlisle (formerly Embers) on Route 11 just North of Turnpike and I81. This conference is for parents, homeschooled students, and evaluators.

The theme for this year's conference is: Taking Stock and Taking Initiative—Creating a Positive Homeschooling Atmosphere. We hope you can join us and get recharged for homeschooling throughout the high school years ahead. The registration fee of $39.95 includes a wonderful buffet luncheon. 

The Keynote Speaker this year will be PHAA Board member (and AP Psychology online teacher) Bonnie Gonzalez, speaking about: Family Dynamics: Helping it Work for you in High School at Home  

There will be 5 workshop sessions, with three to four choices each session-- you're sure to find topics of good interest, from learning about the PHAA diploma program, hearing from many of our AP Online teachers, gaining ideas on foreign language learning, and writing for many varied purposes for high schoolers (from joining the student staff of the PHAA student newsletter, to learning about 'creative non-fiction', to setting goals for writing in high school, to getting ideas for writing a college application essay that works!).

You'll even hear from a Gettysburg Tour Guide (who's also a homeschool dad!) about how he got into his present line of work-- and gain a sense of how to decide what direction you want to move for your future! (And yes, he'll show you some neat Civil War stuff too!

Learn about getting in the running for possible merit scholarships for college, why and how to include foreign travel into your homeschooling goals, and high tech careers of the future. You can even explore Life After Homeschooling-- Are we really preparing our kids for their future? You'll hear about ways to use a wide range of outside teachers and classes and tutors and resources to help you out when you don't feel confident to teach a particular subject yourself (or when you realize your teen just need to work with someone besides mom or dad sometimes!).

So, join us at the PHAA High School at Home Conference this coming Friday-- it's not too late to register! And we can take 'registrants at the door', too. 

Parents: Gain the courage to homeschool through high school! This conference will help you with the information and vision that you need to prepare your children and yourself for their future and recharge yourself for the coming school year. This is the conference where you can be in a positive atmosphere and met other positive parents and families.

Evaluators: There will be sessions outlining how to award credits for the PHAA diploma, a session especially for evaluators to discuss the tricky situations they have encountered, and many sessions that will help you to be a better guidance counselor for your evaluees.

Students: There will be many sessions specially for you including panel sessions led by your fellow students about ways to get involved in the Excelsior (PHAA's high school newsletter), and a guide to AP classes from the student perspective. Also there are sessions where you can meet online teachers and get information about writing your college application essay, and that can help you plan for high school and beyond.

What attendees said after past conferences:

  • Karen Brown (homeschool mom): This year I brought my husband & son to the conference. It helped them get a better picture of homeschooling and meeting others of lke mind... Debra Bell's session on online resources should have been attended by everyone. Though slightly overwhelming, it was EXCELLENT -- worth the price of the whole conference."
  • Shelly Wilson (homeschool mom): We learned a great amount about college requirements and really appreciate the class with PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency). I really feel prepared to start the college and financial aid process! Thanks for all your hard work!
  • Suszanne Troll (homeschool mom): Honestly, I wish I would have come years ago because I like to be prepared. This preparation give me time to adjust to curriculum needs. Thank you for one of the best conferences I've attended. (I loved, also, the teen panels and aduult panels -- very informative.)
  • Nancy Lanigan (homeschool mom): We came looking for help and alternatives for our high school years. We already have 5 high school graduates (three more to go!) and are very sorry we did not attend before. All sessions attended were very helpful!
  • Nanette Blank (homeschool evaluator): Informative sesssions.... Meeting other evaluators was very helpful.
  • Mary Hill (homeschool student): I relly enjoyed the ‘Journeys in High School’ session. I thought it was great that high schoolers could interact and share their experiences with each other.
  • Cheryl Hanratty (homeschool student): It really gave me an idea of all the choices and possibilities I have to choose from and what to expect after high school.
  • Spencer Kondak (homeschool student): I enjoyed meeting new people who are going through the same things as me.
  • Hope Adele Pasztor (homeschool student): I always LOVE going to this annual conference. It's a great time of food and fellowhip, but most importantly of all, it revs me up for the next year of highschool! I won't begin to tell you how many wonderful academic opportunities have been unearthed here.
  • Charis Luna (homeschool student): I liked being able to discuss homeschool education in a group with other kids-- and there was good food!
  • Megan Dutill (homeschool student): I really had a wonderful time this year... I especially loved the opportunity to connect with students my age-- the Excelsior panel, meeting students in my APUSH class, and the AP panel was lots of fun.

Enjoy the Professionalism: Why should other educators go to hotels for their conferences while homeschoolers bring bag lunches and sit on hard chairs. This conference treats you right. Enjoy the free buffet lunch, the free snacks during breaks, the sessions that are small enough for you to get answers to your questions, and the professionalism of the day and location.


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