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Registration now open for our 3 spring testing sites in PA-- Kittanning PA, Indiana PA, and Harrisburg area
Susan Richman, 2/14/2012

You can now register online (or print out a registration form) for our three Spring Testing Sites in Pennsylvania. Just click on the Testing Services link at the top of this page-- or just click here. You'll see we'll be testing at the following locations: 

Online registration fee is still just $30 per student (PLUS a handling fee of $3.95 per total order). You can also 'come at the door' for $35 per student. 
Here are some simple ideas to help make your testing day with us go smoothly, and help your children know what to expect: 

1) Discuss test taking manners-- such as being very quiet and polite during the whole morning, especially while directions are being read. Silence is expected during the timed portions of the test, although students can raise their hands to ask questions if necessary. Students need to be able to read silently rather than orally, so as not to disturb other students.


2) Let your child know he can *not* ask questions such as “I can’t read this word-- can you tell me what it is, please?” or “I don’t understand how to do this math problem-- can you help me?” This is a test to see how well your child can do on these tasks without any help from anyone, after the basic directions are understood. If unsure, students can either leave an answer blank or take a guess (no penalty for guessing--although frankly most kids who do ‘just guess’, guess wrong...).


3) Let your 3rd grader know that they will be marking their answers right in the test booklet itself-- only 4th thru 12th graders will use a separate answer sheet.


4) You may want to discuss simple test taking skills-- such as skipping items that are confusing or too difficult and coming back to them later if there is time, trying to eliminate wrong answers in order to narrow the field of choices, and being sure to check over their work carefully if they have extra time. Most important is to encourage your child to USE SCRATCH PAPER during the math sections-- many kids miss lots of questions because they try to “do it in their heads.”


Who will be administering the tests? Susan Richman will administer testing for 4th to 12th graders, in one testing room (same timing for all sections, same answer sheet). Natalie Bishop, an experienced test administrator and homeschool evaluator from the Gettysburg area, will administer the 3rd grade test.  


What do you need to bring??? Just your child and the test fee, and maybe a quick wholesome snack for breaks. We provide scratch paper, pencils, and all testing materials.


What do parents do during testing? There will be a room provided for parents and other siblings during the testing. Parents of 3rd graders will also be welcome to sit quietly in the testing room if that will help their child be more comfortable and at ease, and they do not have younger siblings with them. Some testing sites are near to shopping areas, and parents are welcome to head there if they know their child will be fine with this. 

Hope to be able to serve your family with our Spring Testing Service. Note: These are our only Spring Testing Sites-- our major testing service continues to be in the fall during October and November. 



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