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Informational Meeting for homeschoolers interested in exploring the sport of ROWING -- Saturday, Sept 24, 2011 at 3:00pm! Steel City Rowing Club, Verona PA (right near PGH)
Steel City Rowing Club, 9/13/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: It's been really heartening to see the wide range of fitness and sports activities homeschoolers take part in-- from ballet or Irish step dancing, to homeschool volleyball and basketball, to swim team at the YMCA, to distance running in road races, to martial arts, and public and private school sports programs. BUT-- have you ever thought of rowing as a sport that might really add something to your program? I've really enjoyed communicating with the folks at Steel City Rowing Club, located just outside of Pittsburgh, to learn about all they can offer to homeschool students in this unique sport. Just this past year I had two homeschoolers in my AP US History online class who were competitive rowers-- both girls absolutely loved the sport and all the wonderful opportunities for travel and for really developing team spirit and their overall athletic abilities.... and were they ever fit!!! I'll be posting an essay one of these students wrote about the impact rowing has had on her life below, as a 'comment' -- be sure to check this out. I hope there's a great turn-out at this planned informational meeting at their state-of-the-art facilitiy at Verona PA, just outside of Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River. 



            412-828-5565 or dori.tompa@steelcityrowing.org or see www.steelcityrowing.org

WHEN: SEPTEMBER 24th at 3:00PM


Rowing is a sport in which the vast majority of home-schooled students can participate.   There is absolutely no requirement for high school affiliation needed in order to row at Steel City Rowing Club (SCRC). In fact, it is advantageous not to have conflicts with any high school related activities.

SCRC aims to foster the spirit of competitive rowing and to support individual rowers in reaching their potential by encouraging teamwork, dedication and self-confidence. At Steel City Rowing Club, some rowers’ interest and potential in rowing is at a recreational level. For others, their aspirations and hard work are dedicated towards competing in national and world championships. It is the long-term goal of Steel City Rowing Club to become a national training center for the sport of rowing and give athletes opportunities to train for national and international competition.

The following highlights the unique features of rowing:

• Height and weight are not critical. There are lightweight and heavyweight categories of competition.

• Rowing is a low impact sport and improves overall body conditioning.

• Rowing is an excellent cross-training sport as it is a total-body activity that builds muscular and cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

• Athletes injured from contact sports can easily transition in to rowing and achieve athletic success.

• Rowing can be a great athletic pursuit for those who do not consider themselves as talented athletes or are not interested in ball sports, such as basketball, baseball or football.

• Rowing is a pursuit that can be enjoyed through out one’s life

• Rowing has a fast learning curve: while it takes many years to become competitive at the collegiate level, SCRC’s rowers can become competitive in just a year. In fact, many SCRC’s most successful alumni had not considered themselves to be exceptional athletes prior to joining the program.

• Rowing teaches unique, invaluable life skills to its participants:  

o Teamwork – rowers have to coordinate their movements with up to 7 others in a boat, and therefore, perform as one.

o Discipline – rowing requires time, patience and practice to achieve goals

o Self-mastery – above all, rowing develops self-confidence and mental strength to overcome physical and mental challenges that are met during training and in every day life.

• Races occur on the weekends and there is a fair amount of parent support at these venues.

• SCRC is one of the few programs with a focus on two-oar per person rowing, sculling. Sculling helps participants become better sweep rowers.  Sweep rowing is one-oar per person rowing.  Most scholastic programs offer sweep rowing only. 

SCRC was honored by hosting the US Rowing Association’s National Development Camp for elite high school scullers in 2011. For the past 10 years, SCRC has sent 6 junior rowers to the Rowing World Championships. Our coaches are all certified by USRowing, the national governing body of rowing. In addition to keeping up with the latest coaching techniques, our coaches enforce strict river safety standards and have current first aid and CPR certifications.

Moreover, SCRC coaches are well known and respected by colleges and universities offering competitive rowing. Such colleges and universities make annual requests to SCRC seeking identification and introduction to potential recruits. Because of the quality of the coaching, the structure of the program, and the hard work of the rowers, SCRC also has become a path to college scholarships valued at over $1.5 million. SCRC’s high school rowers have been recruited by and are attending highly regarded schools, the names of which are listed on our website. 

In advance of our general informational meeting, we invite you to visit our facility, speak with present rowers, and learn more about our sport. We hope you take the opportunity to visit us and explore rowing for your home-schooled children further. 

You can come visit us during our practices (M-F 4:00-6:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00-11:00 a.m.), scrimmages (October 8th and 22nd), or at the Head of the Ohio Regatta on October 1st.

For more information, please visit our website www.steelcityrowing.org or contact us at 412 828 5565.


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