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Registration now open for our Fall Testing Service!
Susan Richman, 8/16/2011

Susan and Howard Richman have been offering a Fall Testing Service since the homeschooling law in Pennsylvania was enacted in 1988, helping families to meet the testing requirements for 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade testing in a 'homeschool friendly' setting at regional churches or synagogues. They also welcome students in other 'non-testing' years, 4th grade thru 12th grade, as many families like to make testing a routine part of each school year. 

We are very pleased to announce you can now register online or by mail for our upcoming Fall Testing Service. We'll once again be using the TerraNova nationally normed achievement test. Morning testing will cover reading, language arts, and mathematics, and we will again offer optional afternoon testing on science and social studies. 

drawing from testing day.JPG

    A delightful drawing done by a 3rd grader at one of our testing days-- it now hangs on my wall!

You can click on the TESTING SERVICE link above -- or just click right here

We also recommend that you consider using the Scoring High testing preparation practice books in our online store to help you guide your child in being well-prepared. 

Further, take a look at the various archived articles right here on our website, on ways to help your child feel ready for testing experiences-- we have lots available! You'll find ideas on how to ease test worries (for both mom and student!), how to see what areas of readiness you have some control over, what to do if your child might not score as well as hoped, links to resources for science and social studies testing, and much more. And if you might have some further areas you'd like to see us cover, do post your comments and thoughts below. 

The 'early bird' pre-registration fee of $30 per student (*plus* a $3.95 handling fee on the whole order) is applicable through October 10, 2011-- after that the fee will go up to $35 per student. We also do welcome 'walk-in' families on the day of testing, for $35 per student-- we always have ample testing supplies and plenty of space at each of our locations. 

You will notice that we've had to shorten our Fall Testing Service this year-- but hopefully you'll still be able to find a location that's not too far a drive for your family. All testing days begin at 9:30am (aim to arrive by no later than 9:15am, so that we can get started promptly), and morning testing is over by 12:00noon. After a lunch break till 12:45pm, testing will resume and by completed no later than 1:45pm. In general all 3rd and 4th graders are actually able to complete even the afternoon testing sections during the morning session, as their test is not as long.

All you'll need to bring to the testing day is your child, a few sharpened pencils (and we'll have extras on hand!), and a calculator for students in 5th grade and up. Though no math problems require calculator use, students are allowed to use a calculator on the 2nd math section, which focuses on multi-step word problems.  We'll provide scrap paper and small cardboard rulers for use in the math sections. Students can also bring along a bottle of water, and perhaps a chapter book for reading quietly if they finish a section early. Short breaks will be given during the morning testing, and very quick *neat* snacks can be eaten then. 

Looking forward to meeting you at one of our Fall Testing sites this year! Again, if you have any questions, please post as a comment below-- as I'm sure others might have the same question, and will benefit from reading the answer! 


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