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Encore! Home School Productions' upcoming show, First Impressions, to be performed at Trinity High School in Camp Hill April 8-10, 2011
Nancy Emerson, 4/4/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: It is always wonderful to hear of the dedicated homeschool groups that have learned to work so well together that they can produce major Broadway musicals-- giving all their students opportunities many would think would only be available at the best high schools. I hope many of you can attend this production-- I've seen past musicals by Encore! and they are amazingly professional, and full of life and energy. And to read a great article from the Harrisburg Patriot News about the productionclick here Also, know that Nancy Emerson will be leading a workshop session at the July 15, 2011 PHAA High School at Home Conference in Carlisle PA on how homeschooling families can join together to produce major drama productions-- and what this can mean for the whole family's learning. 

A musical is a huge undertaking for a school, let alone a group of homeschooling families.  The time commitment and challenges are enormous.  However, the families of Encore! Home School Productions in South Central Pennsylvania are putting on their sixth annual musical April 8 – 10, 2011 at Trinity High School in Camp Hill.  Each year the shows become a significant part of the homeschooling experience for students and parents.

This year this show is a little-known Broadway musical, First Impressions, a.k.a. Pride & Prejudice the Musical.  The show is a musical comedy adaptation of Jane Austen’s timeless, classic novel.  The show is quite entertaining since Austen’s characters are so memorable with some being simply outrageous! 

When the announcement was made that First Impressions would be this year’s show, several students who otherwise wouldn’t have anything to do with Jane Austen, started reading the book and watching the movies. Like the movie, much of the action takes place while dancing.  English country dancing suddenly became part of everyone’s Physical Education course this year.

Like in past years, homeschool graduates step in and help with some aspects of the show.  One of last year’s leads is helping backstage with hair and makeup since her post-high school studies are in this area.  This year a homeschool graduate and sister of one of the actors, Hannah Baily, created a design for a show T-shirt and playbill cover.  Another graduate who had performed in an earlier Encore! musical, Peter Emerson, painted three portraits for the set.  The opportunity gave both Hannah and Peter valuable experience in their art studies. 

Other homeschool families and graduates outside our own group get involved.  Our photographer, San Family Photography, is a homeschool family, and this year’s videographer, Christopher Ilgenfritz, is a homeschool graduate who has established his own video business. 

The parents do most of the work behind the scenes although students help paint and decorate the set.  Other students form the stage crew.  Our show directors, Jill Panyard and Vicki Dincher, are parents of actors as well.  Our choral director, Carole Adkins, is a parent of a graduate.

We invite you to the show!  The show is a great way to introduce younger students to Jane Austen, and it’s a unique opportunity for Pride & Prejudice fans since the show has not been licensed to anyone since 2007.  Tickets are available at www.ShowTix4U.com or by calling 1-866-967-8167 or (717) 540-9057.

First Impressions, presented by Encore! Home School Productions:

April 8 & 9 at 7 p.m.

April 10 at 3 p.m.

Trinity High School, Camp Hill, PA

Tickets:  www.ShowTix4U.com or 1-866-967-8167 or (717) 540-9057

Link to an article about our group and show in April 1, 2011 Harrisburg Patriot-News:



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