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PHAA 2010 grad, Hope Pasztor, at NYC Fashion Week as special blogger!
Susan Richman, 2/17/2011

Editor's Note from Susan Richman: I was delighted to receive a note from PHAA 2010 grad Hope Pasztor's father about this article from their local newspaper, The Sentinel from central PA . Hope, who took part in many of our AP Online classes, was chosen to attend this week's big 'FASHION WEEK' extravaganza in NYC as a special blogger for the fashion website Chictopia.com. She has maintained her own fashion blog site for many years-- and is such a good writer on many topics that last year several of her essays written for her AP Economics online class (led by my husband, Howard Richman) were accepted for publication on national conservative opinion websites. Hope also gave the closing student speech at the PHAA Graduation Ceremony last June 2010, and gave talks at several sessions at the 2010 PHAA summer High School at Home Conference.

Hope in NYC having a wonderful -- and stylish! -- time!

Here's a section the article from Hope's local newpaper in Carlisle PA:

She hasn't reached her 19th birthday yet, nor has she made it through her sophomore year of college.

But for Hope Adela Pasztor, the world is at her heels.

Vintage heels, that is.

With her fashion blog - Pink Champagne - attracting more than 550 followers and her landing a coveted gig reporting on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Big Apple over the next few days, the Carlisle teen seems to be well on her way to the fashion industry career that she's always dreamed of.

‘Pursue your dreams'

"I was just kind of looking back on my life as I was contemplating this weekend, and I remember back when I was little, watching the ‘Sleeping Beauty' movie ... the Disney version," Pasztor said earlier this week while working on the window display at Miss Ruth's Time Bomb, the East High Street vintage shop where she has both shopped and hung out for the past few years.

"Afterwards, they had a special feature ... and they interviewed the lady who played the voice of Sleeping Beauty. I was teeny, and she was talking about how if you follow your dreams they'll come true. Just pursue your dreams. I was like, that is so cheesy, but it's worth a try."

Her days of Disney may be gone, but for Pasztor, the fairy tale is far from over.

Though an old hand at modeling fashion in the blogging world and for Miss Ruth's Time Bomb, Pasztor has undertaken somewhat of a role reversal over the past few days - one of watching and taking in and reporting on the sights, all while showcasing her own imaginative fashion sense from her seat in the audience. And that's exactly what she wants.

A budding fashion journalist in her own right, Pasztor was among three bloggers selected by international fashion website Chictopia.com to cover Fashion Week - New York City's single-largest media event - at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park this weekend.

Through Tuesday, Pasztor will attend shows for up to seven designers, including Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson and Nicole Miller, and report on them for articles to be posted on Chictopia.com's fashion blog, "Everybody is Ugly."

"It's an amazing career leap actually, and on top of that its going to be fun," Pasztor said of the opportunity to cover the biannual event.

Added Sarah Taby, co-owner of Miss Ruth's Time Bomb and friend of Pasztor, "We're really proud of her. We're over the moon about it."

We wish Hope the best in pursuing her dreams, and hope her story is encouraging to others to develop their abilities in their own unique fields of interest.


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