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"Stories for the Homeschool Heart" -- voting going on now for www.about.com Readers' Choice Awards!
Patti Maguire Armstrong, 2/14/2011

Editor's Note from Susan: I just received this in my inbox this morning, and thought many of you might want to cast your vote for this uplifting book on the About.com section on Catholicism.  Sounds like a book that many would find very encouraging, and it's exciting to see it doing so well in this awards program. See:  http://tinyurl.com/46jhq5b to vote today!

My co-author and I are appealing to the homeschool community for support.  "Stories for the Homeschool Heart" is one of the finalists in the about.com Readers' Choice Awards. We've overcome great odds becoming a finalist and were told it's a long shot that someone so small as us could win. However, my co-author, Theresa Thomas, cancer survivor, Catholic columnist, and mother of 9, and I are going to give it our best shot.

This book is about God's inspiration, faith, and educating our children (all children regardless of where they go to school) for eternity. Homeschooling is the theme, but most of the stories are uplifting and interesting for anyone. As a matter of fact, a man at my church (CEO of a large company) tapped me on the arm a few weeks ago and told me he really enjoyed reading the Stories for the Homeschool Heart book.

"What? You don't homeschool," I said. (He has 3 kids.) He laughed and told me, "Yeah, but it has great stories in it."

Now that we've been nominated, it boils down to a "get out the vote" strategy to support our cause. Thus far, inspite of not having our competitor's advantages such as a radio show, large company newsletters and customer mailing lists or large speaking crowds, we've shown that we have something even better--homeschool networking! As of today, we are in the lead. So if you find it in your heart to vote for us or even pass this onto other homeschoolers, that would be AWESOME!
Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/46jhq5b

God bless,
Patti Maguire Armstrong


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