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Fox News feature article on the evolution of homeschooling....
Fox News, 2/9/2011

Editor's note from Susan Richman:   Fox News is currently doing a series on American education, called Educating our Children. Today's article focuses on homeschooling, and how homeschooling and grown and changed, now offering many group opportunities for learning and for sports. Here's a short part from the article:

But it’s not all about reading, writing and arithmetic. Chard said he worries home schooled students may be lacking in less tangible subjects, things like developing social or coping skills.

Programs have sprung up over the years to help with that. In Texas, the state with the largest number of home schooled kids, there are athletic leagues and learning “co-ops” where kids may attend classes with other children on a variety of subjects.

John Manning helps organize the Home School Athletic Association in Dallas. He says the group has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, not just because the number of home schooled students has increased, but also because most parents realize the need for this kind of activity. "What's important to us,” says Manning, "is to try to provide opportunities that kids in any school, public or private, have.”

I know many of us in Pennsylvania and in every state have taken part in the growing number of excellent group activities through these types of programs-- but certainly for most on the 'outside' this is still a very new story. Just yesterday I was interviewed by a small group of 9th grade school students in PA who were working on a special research project investigating homeschooling. I could tell from their questions that they probably imagined a lone (and lonely!) student at home with only mom, getting 'one-on-one' as a sole learning and extra-curricular 'diet'. I'd love to feature the good work of many of the sports groups, homeschooling co-ops, and theater groups offering valuable opportunities to homeschoolers in PA. Write in to share what's happening in your area!

Here's a link to the whole article from Fox news:



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