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26th Greater Pittsburgh Homeschooling Workshop and Curriculum Fair-- Saturday, March 12, 2011
Sue Means, 1/30/2011

Editor's note from Susan Richman: We are so pleased to announce the Greater PGH Homeschooling Workshop continues to be a great resource for regional homeschooling families. This Fair draws hundreds of families, and features a wide range of workshops on topics for all ages. Hope to see you there-- PA Homeschoolers will be there with a table in the vendors exhibit hall, and Howard and I will both be leading workshop sessions. For continuing info on this great day of learning, check out: http://familyinstructors.blogspot.com/

March 12, 2011
8 AM until 3 PM
26th Greater Pittsburgh Homeschooling Workshop and Curriculum Fair
Todd Wilson author and founder of Familyman Ministries will be the keynote speaker http://www.familymanweb.com/
 KEYNOTE ADDRESS:Lies Homeschoolers Believe - Learning to live the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Your house is a disaster, your kids seem out of control, and you wonder how you'll ever make it through another day of school. Your "get up and go" has "gotten up and went". You used to think homeschooling was the best thing since sliced bread, but now you’re feeling like burnt toast. Take heart - you're not alone! No one homeschools because it's easy. You do it because you believe it's best. But there are times when you need to be reminded once again why it's best. Join me as we do just that. You'll laugh and be encouraged in the toughest job you'll ever...love.
Dream BIG and Fan the Dreams of Those Around You
Everyone has dreams - you, your spouse, and your children, but for every dreamer a dream killer lurks in the shadows. They're the ones who constantly remind you why you shouldn't homeschool, have more children, be a stay-at-home mom, start a new business, or take that step of faith God’s telling you to take. Dream killers grew up with you. They live in your house and sometimes they even...are you. Their intentions may be good, but if you listen to them, you will miss out on God's best for your life. Join Todd as he helps you revive old dreams, fan the dreams in others’ lives, and urges you to throw caution to the wind and set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.

Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad! You may not crack open a book, work through a curriculum, or call it school, but it's your job to train your children. Join me as we look at the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of training our children. Now don't worry, I won't make you feel guilty or give you a forty-six point outline, but I promise to tell it straight and to encourage you in the best job there is - fathering.
    The Bible Chapel, 300 Gallery Drive, McMurray, PA 15317
Pittsburgh’s Largest Used Book Sale
March 12, 2011
8 AM until 3 PM


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