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Taking part in the 'Baby, Think it Over' program-- as a homeschooler!
Kiki Levine, 11/23/2010

Many of you may have heard about programs, usually offered in schools, where students are given life-like babydolls that they must 'care' for as if they were real infants. I was delighted to find that homeschool families can now take part in this activity, too. We welcome Kiki Levine to Pennsylvania, and hope she shares about further activities of her family and their active hands-on learning! -- Susan Richman, Editor PA Homeschoolers

We are a new homeschool family to Monroeville PA that has recently participated in a very unique program called "Baby, Think It Over".   The program uses baby simulators to educate teens about the life of teen parenting.  We have always been concerned about teen pregnancy and were thrilled to have been told about this program being offered to homeschool families by www.HomeSchoolBabies.com

Our son is 14 and our daughter is 15.  Our son totally thought this was going to be simple and our daughter looked forward to the challenge.  Our mail carrier delivered the "babies" on Saturday and we immediately started the project and by Monday evening our children had become zombies of sorts.  You could definitely tell the lack of sleep and constant care of their baby had worn on them.  We watched in amazement as our children carried their babies everywhere.  My son had to stop and change his baby at the grocery store and my daughter had to sit and bottle feed hers on the bench at the front of the store.  People looked horrified when seeing our kids with babies at such a young age, and our kids picked up on it right away.  They never corrected the passer bys that they were only simulators, they simply took it as part of the project.  We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to have their teens participate in this program.  It is by far the most profound educational lesson that our children have learned in all of the years that we've taught them at home.  -Kiki Levine-


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