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Homeschool Grad / Journalist offering Writing Classes in Western PA
Heather Roth, 9/17/2010

It's always wonderful to hear from homeschool graduates who are now looking to find ways to help younger homeschoolers! Welcome to Pennsylvania, Heather-- and I'm sure many homeschoolers will benefit from your help with writing! -- Susan Richman, Editor Pennsylvania Homeschoolers.
My name is Heather Roth, and I'm a recent transplant into Western Pennsylvania. As a homeschool graduate and a professional writer (I'm a reporter at The Indiana Gazette), I'm interested in connecting with area homeschool groups in the Indiana or Armstrong County region to provide writing workshops, classes or one-on-one tuturial sessions.
I've got a lot of different ideas and writing plans, but can adjust to fit the needs of your families. As the product of homeschooling (K-12) and the oldest of a large family, I understand that writing is incredibly teaching intensive and some days there just isn't enough time to really focus on grading and editing and outlines and learning to use a thesaurus. But the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively through writing is vital to a young adult seeking entry into college or a career.
I offer classes starting with younger students that would focus first on strong sentences, then paragraphs, leading to longer narratives or simple research papers. For high school students or advanced middle school students, I focus on outlining and structuring a longer paper, including grammar, logic, and style in the writing process. I can also tailor it to a creative writing focus, particularly dealing with vivid discription and character development; and would love to teach a basic journalism class what would end with a newsletter compiled by the students for the homeschool group.
A little about me: I was homechooled through 12th grade, graduating in a small east Texas town. I went on to study journalism at Patrick Henry College in Purcelville, Va., then began working as a reporter at small newspaper in suburban Maryland. Since then, I worked at a newspaper in Annapolis, Md., with a circulation of around 40,000.
My husband of three years is a doctoral student at IUP, and we moved here in February. I'm now a reporter at The Indiana Gazette, where one of my assignments is covering the Armstrong School District, so I'm in Ford City often.
My rates are $20 a student for one-on-one tuturing; that includes a half-hour tutoring session and grading or answering questions between sessions. I'd be happy to create a group plan if there is interest, as well.
If you want examples of my work, visit www.indianagazette.com and search my name, or visit http://heatherroth.wordpress.com/published-articles/.
I'd love to meet with your group or talk to any families who are interested.
Heather Roth



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