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Results of PA Homeschoolers Western PA Co-ed Volleyball Tournament, May 3
Howard Richman, 5/5/2010

The CHESS Masters were undefeated in the senior division throughout this year's tournament schedule, which began with a fall tournament in Downingtown sponsored by the United Sports Training Center and continued in the spring with three tournaments sponsored by PA Homeschoolers, one in Eastern, one in Central, and one in Western PA. 

PA Homeschoolers will be sponsoring the same tournaments again next year. Each team has to play six players, including two boys and two girls. Both home educated students and cyberschool students are invited to participate.

There were 20 teams at the Western PA Tournament at Monroeville Sports. They hailed from Mercer County (Timberwolves), Beaver County (Salt & Light), Pittsburgh East area (Mustangs), Harrisburg West area (TNT), Harrisburg East area (CHESS), Lewisburg area (Leopards), and Berks County (Air Raiders). There were two age groups: Seniors (18 and under) and Juniors (14 and under). Here are the final standings of the Western PA tournament:

Senior A Division

  1. CHESS Masters
  2. TNT Spartans
  3. Mustangs
  4. Salt & Light Red
  5. Air Raiders Power

Senior B Division

  1. TNT TA
  2. Indiana Gold
  3. Indiana White
  4. Salt & Light Orange
  5. Timberwolves 1
  6. Timberwolves 2

Junior A Division

  1. Mustangs
  2. TNT Chris
  3. Salt & Light Green
  4. Lewisburg Leopards

Junior B Division

  1. Indiana Eagles
  2. Timberwolves 2
  3. Salt & Light Blue
  4. Timberwolves 1
  5. Air Raiders

All-Tournament Team Senior Division

  • Liz Wenger
  • Caleb Gorton
  • Daniel Rusling
  • Laura Heck
  • Timothy Ilgenfritz
  • Emily Deemer
  • Maria Prezzia
  • Tory Larson
  • Will Hinks
  • Drew Morrison
  • Kyle Eberly
  • Miles Ansel

All-Tournament Team Junior Division

  • Hannah Sowers
  • Josh Kephart
  • Gabriel Larson
  • Evan Shaw
  • Holly Billheimer
  • Alyssa Moyer

If you are interested in organizing teams for next year's tournament you can e-mail me (howard@pahomeschoolers.com) or phone me (724-783-6512) and I might be able to help you get started.


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