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Results of PA Homeschoolers Eastern PA Volleyball Tournament on April 19
Howard Richman, 4/26/2010

A total of 46 teams participated in PA Homeschoolers first ever Eastern PA Spring Volleyball Tournament at United Sports Training Center in Downingtown on April 19. Two teams came from Fairfax Virginia; the others came from almost every region of Pennsylvania:

  • Western PA. There were two groups of teams from Western Pennsylvania, the Salt & Light teams from Beaver County and the Mustangs teams from Allegheny and Westmoreland County area.
  • North Central PA. There were two teams from North Central Pennsylvania area, the Shore Servers from Jersey Shore and the Leopards from Lewisburg.
  • Harrisburg Area. There were several groups from the counties surrounding Harrisburg including TNT and CAVA from the West Shore area, the Snypers from Snyper and Perry Counties, and CHESS from the Lebanon County area.
  • Rural Eastern PA. Teamworkz was from the northern part of Lancaster County, Petra from the New Holland area, Rockville from the Honeybrook area between Lancaster and Chester Counties, WOW was from Chester County, and the Air Raiders teams were from Berks County.
  • Philadelphia Area. The western suburbs were represented by the Hot Tamales and Hot Peppers and the northern suburbs by the Catalyst teams.

Here are the results:

Senior A
1. Chess Masters
2. Mustangs A
3. Snypers A
4. Salt & Light Red
5. Rockville Thunder
6. Teamworkz Thunder
7. TNT A
8. Catalyst I

Senior B
1. Air Raiders Power
2. Chess Arakihcats
4. Fairfax Red
5. Petra
6. Catalyst II
7. Fairfax Blue
8. Snypers B
10. Salt & Light Orange

Senior C
1. Shore Servers
2. Catalyst III
3. Teamworkz Turbo
4. Hot Peppers
5. TNT C
6. Snypers C
8. Catalyst IV
9. Hot Tamales

Junior A
1. Chess Raptors
2. Mustangs A
3. TNT Chris
4. Salt & Light Green
5. Snypers A

Junior B
2. TNT Hood
3. Rockville Force
4. Lewisburg Leopards
5. Petra
6. Chess Express

Junior C
1. TNT Bricker
2. Chester County WOW
3. Chess Nuts
4. Rockville Hurricane
5. Salt & Light Blue
7. Air Raiders Orange
8. Air Raiders Black

The All Tournament teams were voted by the coaches of the "A" level teams. The following players were selected:

Senior (18 and under) All Tournament Team
  • Erik Hanson
  • Caleb Krauter
  • Liz Wenger
  • Caleb Gorton
  • Daniel Rusling
  • Rebecca Joy Krieger
  • David Batdorf
  • Kim Hepschmidt
  • Derek Kemmerer
  • Amanda Hendricks
  • Andrew Willets
  • Laura Heck
  • Tory Larson
  • Ronnie Weaver
Junior (14 and under) All Tournament Team
  • Jennifer Rusling
  • Gabriel Hughes
  • John Wenger
  • James Mueller
  • Gabriel Larson
  • Evan Shaw
  • Amanda Eshenour
  • Elizabeth Wert

PA Homeschoolers is sponsoring one more Volleyball Tourament this year, a western PA tournament in Monroeville, near Pittsburgh, on May 3.


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