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College Admissions-- help is out there as you navigate the process!
Jeanette Webb, 2/26/2010

Jeannette Webb is a longterm homeschooler, whose two children took several of our AP Online courses when in high school at home. I was delighted to see what she is now doing to help other homeschoolers who are looking at competitive college admissions. Her website www.aiminghigherconsultants.com is filled with excellent and inspiring information. Here's the letter that I recently received from Jeanette-- and I hope many of you find her approach and ideas a great help. Though we can all gain much from college admissions guides aimed primarily at traditionally schooled students, it's always especially helpful when advice comes from within the homeschooling network.
I would like to introduce myself, although you might remember two members of our family.  My daughter, Natalie Webb, took Dr. Richman's AP Economics class a few years ago and really enjoyed it. She is now a sophomore engineering major at Princeton.  She also took AP Chemistry.  Natalie and my son, Austin, both took AP Biology with Dr. Gross.  Austin graduated with honors from Caltech and is now pursing a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science and math at the University of Washington in Seattle. We recommend your courses in our workshops, in our writing (Austin and I write for Practical Homeschooling magazine) and to our clients.
As a homeschooling parent, I found very little help for young people with aspirations to attend a top college.
There were certainly college consultants out there, but they didn't know what to do with a homeschoolers and all the extra documents we need to provide, i.e. transcript, school profile and transcript legend, counselor letter.  I felt that I was totally on my own through the college application process.
After successfully navigating those waters with my own two children (they were accepted to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Penn, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Rice . . .) I began helping other highly motivated students.  I have been very successful in placing my clients at top institutions. 
Basically, I help the student tell their story in an effective way that admissions officers understand.  Most people do not realize that the entire application, interviews, letters of recommendation, etc. must tell a cohesive narrative.  They don't know how to present their student's nontraditional activities and classes.  I come alongside to help as much or as little as needed with:  applications, essays, resumes, homeschool documents, letters of recommendation, interviews, etc.  You can read more about what I offer at our website:
I believe that the top homeschoolers in the country are to be found in your network.  You do such a fantastic job of preparing students academically for a top college and I would like to help them with the next step.
I have also recently released a new eBook, Called to Influence:  A New Approach to Life, Education and College Admissions (available on my site). You will find that Pennsylvania Homeschoolers is mentioned in several places.
Jeannette Webb

Aiming Higher Consultants
9437 N. 2340 Road
Custer City, OK  73639


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