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Valentine's Day Special: Adventure by the Sea, part 4....
Cassandra Frear, 2/11/2010

Cassandra Frear is a homeschool mother of two graduates, and an inspirational writer and speaker, leading two wonderful online blog sites to offer support and encouragement to women. She has been a keynote speaker two times at our PHAA High School at Home summer conference, and her husband has been a keynote speaker at the PHAA graduation ceremony where their older son graduated. Cassandra shares here about a very special 25th anniversary trip.
I wonder
if the sap is stirring yet,

If wintry birds
are dreaming of a mate,

If frozen snowdrops
feel as yet the sun,

And crocus fires
are kindled one by one.

- Christina Rossetti

After turning my face to the sunshine, I found the sunshine waiting for me, tumbling over the hills and melting snow, bouncing off the dripping icicles on mountain ravines. It snuggled against my storm-driven soul and seemed like a happiness too good to be real.
But it was.
It was my life. For there I was, driving to a place of dreams, as calmly and matter-of-factly as I run my weekly errands. We drove quietly out of the ice and snow and windy ledges of bare hardwoods into rolling fields and pines, and then on past swamps and winter farm crops, and finally all the way to the sea.
That first moment we saw the water, it sparkled like treasure. Our very own. Was there anyone on the beach besides us that day? I don't remember. I was blind to all but my own delight. Hand in hand, we walked along the water's edge. I took my socks off and put my feet in. The waves were so cold I couldn't breathe. We laughed at the antics of seagulls and drank the pure blues of sky and mist. I was silly, and I didn't care. We collected shells like small children. Blue, black, white, peach, brown, and gray. Our keepsakes, gifts from the sea.
That night, listening to the strains of a Renaissance concert, I still felt the waves rising and falling, murmmuring and singing, a song of the earth, a song of life. This was me. This was us. We were here. I was almost sure I would wake up to find I had been dreaming. All that loveliness, all that lovely life, could not be real.
But it was.
What's one special moment or event in your life that you like to remember?


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