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Valentine's Day Special... "Adventure by the Sea" ... part 1
Cassandra Frear, 2/4/2010

Editor's Note from Susan Richman:  Welcome to our first installment in our "Valentine's Day Special", our way of reminding all homeschooling couples to remember to value their relationship. In the midst of math manipulatives (all over the diningroom table), co-op classes (taking lots of evening planning time from mom), and science experiments (that fuzzy stuff at the back of the fridge??), we still need to also make special time for our life partner and spouse. We'll have a variety of postings-- one a day 'extra' in addition to our other regular article of the day. This opening entry is from Cassandra Frear, (see link to her uplifting blogsite http://www.applepieforhomeschools.com ) about a very special 25th anniversary trip she recently took with her husband. There are ideas for you to respond to at the end, too-- we look forward to your thoughts! Cassandra's story will continue throughout this time leading up to Valentine's Day-- so check back each day to get the next 'installment'! We'll also have some pieces from homeschooling parents about ways to nourish our relationship with our husband or wife. Happy Valentine's Day!


The sky is battleship gray. The wind thrashes the trees. I am watching the trees bend over on their sides and spring back, all the time trembling and flapping their arms. It's hard to believe that it's been a full week since we left for our anniversary trip. There, all was sun and sparkling sea and birdsong and gardens being prepared for spring. Since we've been back, the mountains have been wrapped in low clouds and steely sheets of rain.

Last night, driving home after buying groceries, I almost missed two turns. I was traveling at 10 mph. That's how thick the fog has been.

It was a bold move for me to take the trip, given our situation. I almost didn't. There were lots of reasons not to do it. You know what I mean. It costs money, takes time, seems extravagant, might be disappointing. Did I really want to go to all that trouble? Did I really want to ask my husband to go to all that trouble? Couldn't we celebrate quietly at home? Wasn't this the year of all years to keep it simple?

By the week before, I had nearly decided not to go. But my husband knew I had dreamed of going to this place for a romantic winter getaway. He kept searching online and discovering things to do there.

Then he would mention it casually, like "Oh yeah, there's a concert that night." Or he would say something silly like, "I found a place where we could go rock climbing." This of course made me come to the computer to look.

He didn't say we had to go. But I felt that I should at least spend a couple of hours scanning for lodging. Just so I could know I had been a good sport. I wasn't sure I would see anything at a price that seemed reasonable for us. Our main idea was to find a kitchenette and cook our own meals. This would keep expenses low and make it easier to meet my dietary needs. We could walk places and do a lot of sightseeing and enjoy the natural beauty around us.

After I had been looking for a bit, I stumbled across a carriage house built in the 1800's with kitchenettes in the historic district. The original brick walls, the wood floors, and the French doors opening onto a courtyard charmed me. And the cost? Oh my. Winter rates this year are surprisingly low, since tourism has been sluggish.

"I found it!"

My husband booked a reservation. We'd be the only ones there. The adventure was on. (to be continued!)

When was your last personal adventure? What did you do? Where did you go?

Comment by nancy, 2/5/2010:

OH, I am hooked, with tears in my eyes of my own remembrance, of a recently passed 25 year marking, I am looking forward to what is next ~ what a way with words, good writing!!!


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