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Homeschool Literary Quarterly-- new online publication for student writing, from WriteGuide
Susan Richman , 10/6/2010

I just received word today about the new project that WriteGuide, a company that offered individualized online writing instruction and tutoring especially for homeschool students, has  just begun. Here's what their website says:

The Homeschool Literary Quarterly (see: http://www.homeschoolliterary.com/ ) is an online, quarterly literary magazine published and sponsored by WriteGuide.com, a Company Devoted to the Teaching of Writing.  

Our purpose is to

(1) Promote the literary arts within the homeschool community.

(2) Provide a place where homeschool writers can showcase their work, and receive intelligent commentary from readers.

(3) Assist homeschoolers who are considering a career in publishing or writing.

They'll accept poems, short stories, personal essays, book reviews, and more. I hope to see lots of Pennsylvania homeschool students taking part in this good opportunity-- I know I'm going to tell my Writing Club about this option for publishing their wonderful work to a wider audience! Right now they are accepting works for their Winter issue, and will be specially looking for seasonal and holiday pieces.

Here's info on submitting your work, taken from their website....


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Writing Club Ideas for the New School Year....
Susan Richman, 9/20/2010

The Writing Club that I've been leading for over 20 years has just started up again for this school year-- and so I'm excited to get you thinking about the benefits of having your kids involved in a group that meets regularly to share and enjoy one another's writings. It doesn't take too much to organize an effective homeschool Writing Club:

  • Have a place to meet -- could be your home, around the diningroom table, a co-op program location, a local church or synagogue friendly to homeschooling families, a library with a community room you could use, or some other suitable location. 
  • a core group of kids to invite-- hopefully including at least 2 who are already kids who love to write. I've found over the years of leading our group that everyone will rise to meet the level of your top writers-- and so it's a great help to have some kids who already write with real voice and enjoyment and energy.
  • Gather together ideas for engaging writing topics that would be fun for the kids to do-- hopefully for kids of a variety of ages, as you'll probably have quite a few siblings spanning a wide age range. I'll help with that here-- every few weeks I'll post one of my back Writing Club assignments here on our online magazine, to give you ideas. I also welcome any other Writing Club groups to send on to me via email (richmans@pahomeschoolers.com) their ideas they've developed for their groups-- and feel very welcome to also forward on a few great sample responses to that assignment....


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Homeschool Grad / Journalist offering Writing Classes in Western PA
Heather Roth, 9/17/2010

It's always wonderful to hear from homeschool graduates who are now looking to find ways to help younger homeschoolers! Welcome to Pennsylvania, Heather-- and I'm sure many homeschoolers will benefit from your help with writing! -- Susan Richman, Editor Pennsylvania Homeschoolers.
My name is Heather Roth, and I'm a recent transplant into Western Pennsylvania. As a homeschool graduate and a professional writer (I'm a reporter at The Indiana Gazette), I'm interested in connecting with area homeschool groups in the Indiana or Armstrong County region to provide writing workshops, classes or one-on-one tuturial sessions.
I've got a lot of different ideas and writing plans, but can adjust to fit the needs of your families. As the product of homeschooling (K-12) and the oldest of a large family, I understand that writing is incredibly teaching intensive and some days there just isn't enough time to really focus on grading and editing and outlines and learning to use a thesaurus. But the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively through writing is vital to a young adult seeking entry into college or a career....


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Writing Club Idea: Encouraging Kids to Write from Nature....
Susan Richman, 4/4/2010

Susan Richman, editor of Pennsylvania Homeschoolers, has been leading a homeschoolers' Writing Club since her almost 33 year old son was 11 -- and she highly recommends this simple idea to other homeschoolers everywhere. Just find a group of kids of all ages, and arrange to meet at least once a month for about 2 hours at someone's home -- and of course the idea would work equally well at a homeschool co-op program. Here's an idea especially suitable to our spring weather right now, when everyone wants to get outside anyway:

leah photo.JPG

(Our grandkids at the beach-- lots of nature observing there!)

Nature Observations…

I want you to go outside—you are going to be really observing outdoors…. I don’t want you to do this just ‘from your mind’, but instead from genuine real experience.  I want you to look around and find something that just seems to call out to you, to pull your attention and your wonder, and then I want you to take an even closer look....


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The Story Behind the Story-- how my novel 'Thicker than Blood' developed from my homeschooled days till now....
C.J. Darlington, 3/2/2010

C.J.Darlington is a homeschool graduate from Pennsylvania, who is also now a published author. Her first novel, Thicker than Blood, about the challenges of two sisters who live very different lives, just recently won a major Christian first novel award, as we noted in our left-hand side bar a few weeks ago. C.J. was active in the 1990's in the Chester County Homeschoolers group led by the Claudia and Don Joye (Don Joye, by the way, also has a first novel published!), and remembers her homeschooling days fondly. She has given us permission to reprint some of the postings on her excellent and comprehensive website, www.cjdarlington.com. I highly recommend this site to all aspiring novelists among our readership, of all ages. CJ has posted extensive interviews with other authors, has links to all sorts of helpful writing networking sites, and shares her thoughts on the writing life. This would be a terrific site for homeschool co-op groups to use when helping kids develop their writer's voice-- they'll hear from real authors about what the process is actually like. For our first entry from CJ, we're reprinting her description of how she got her idea for her first published novel-- you'll love it! And if you head to her site, you'll be able to read the first chapter of the book right online-- and click a quick link to order the book for yourself, too!

Thicker than Blood was born on May 1st, 1995 as a story called The City Girl and the Country Girl. I was fifteen-years-old, and I still remember the excitement I felt at starting a new story....


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Writing Club Idea: "What does a homeschooler do on a SNOW DAY?"
Susan Richman, 2/18/2010

Susan Richman has been leading a Homeschoolers Writing Club since her oldest son was 11 (he's now 32!), and has written a book that in part grew out of that experience called Writing from Home (see our online store to order your copy). She has found that the simple format of a regular monthly meeting to share writing with other kids can be amazingly encouraging to students. We'll regularly share Writing Club ideas here, that you can adapt and use with your own kids at home, or in Writing Clubs you start.

As I'm sure has happened with many of you, I've been doing a lot of 'staying at home' with the recent snows in Pennsylvania. And I realized last week that I'd have to cancel my monthly Writing Club meeting here at our farm, as even though the snow had stopped (maybe??), our driveway was barely plowed out enough for us to get in and out. I wouldn't want everyone getting stuck! SO, this month's meeting is being held virtually, with everyone emailing their pieces to all the participants in the group. I also opted to change our assignment, to suit the weather-- and I thought some of your kids might want to post their own pieces on this topic, as 'comments' below. I'll be sharing in the 'comments' section a number of the writings from my Writing Club group-- I know you'll enjoy these!

Our TOPIC is: What do homeschoolers do on a SNOW DAY???? Obviously this is in honor of our amazing weather these past weeks—and you know, this is a question that *many* homeschoolers get asked by curious ‘school kids’… Do homeschoolers take ‘snow days’??? So, I want you to share about what YOU’VE been doing in this snow.

david in snow.JPG

(This is my grandson David, during his January visit with his family-- what an amazing igloo our son Jesse enjoyed making with his kids!) ....


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Writing Club ideas-- and a first 'Writing Assignment'
Susan Richman, 1/28/2010

I’ve been leading a monthly homeschoolers’ Writing Club for years and years and years—it was a mainstay of our homeschooling program with all four of our kids, and I’ve loved continuing on with a wonderful group of younger homeschoolers since I began ‘empty nesting’ 4 ½  years ago. Why do I love Writing Clubs?? Many reasons…

  • Writing Club gave my kids a real audience beyond just me. Now, I was a pretty decent ‘audience’, but you know how moms can be… we start immediately nitpicking over stupid spelling errors (or a complete dismissal of punctuation protocols…). Or maybe our kids just don’t ‘believe’ our opinions about their work. Or maybe if they are only writing for us, it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth much. My joke whenever I give talks on homeschoolers and writing is....


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